Zee World Weekly Highlights 21-25 March

Neel asks Saloni for forgiveness for what he did in his past, right before his wedding. Urvashi finally reveals to Saloni that she knows the truth about her pretence. As for Urvashi, she becomes desperate to obtain the child which leads to something unexpected. Finally Kunjan’s father tells Saloni the truth about why Padma and Kunjan want nothing to do with him.

The Vow

Even after being thrown out, Vydia returns to the house with the intention of helping Sagar. Vydia’s faith is however ones more tested. Hema steals from the family and blames it on Vydia. The story takes a turn when a new person comes into the Singh family.


Sacred Ties

Archana warns Rasika and Ajit not to spread anymore false rumours about Vanita or she will make him pay dearly. Manav hears about the acid incident losing his temper not even Archana can stop him this time. Manav’s garage gets temporarily closed down but that’s not the only problem he faces.


The Promise

Pronita challenges Jigyasa that she will get back everything that was snatched from her. Pronita’s plan to reveal the truth fails. Pia and Rano find out that Pronita is actually someone else. Jai is suppose to leave for overseas and Pronita puts together a plan that will delay Jai’s departure.

Manmeet agrees to give up his family treasure for Sahiba’s happiness. Sahiba and Daljeet come face to face for the first time after returning from London. His anger seems to be bringing peace to Sahiba. Sahiba puts the blame on Ranveer for all the pain and loses her family is facing, as he receives a call that might change his whole life. Ranveer will do anything to have Sahiba only to himself, even if it means threatening her.

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