Olashore international school recently rewarded its staff who has served for a long time in the school. This reward was carried out in the school during the school’s Founders’ Day Event to appreciate long serving staff and encourage upcoming ones.

According to the principal, Mr Derek Smith, reinforcing and celebrating teachers who have put in their best on the job is worth it. His words: “Long service awards are impressive. The school is 22 years old, and there are some staff who have put in their best on their jobs, and they really need to be appreciated particularly the non – teaching staff who had served for long. This action demonstrates the relationship that the school has with its community being that some of these non – teaching staff hail from the community. It’s good to reinforce and celebrate them.

As for the academic staff, that is the teachers, this award is a way to encourage them. It is believed that in as much as they have impacted in the school, that they too have developed themselves, you can’t be a teacher for let’s say 10 years, and still be doing same thing. At Olashore, we embark on international trainings, where we partner with Bradford University to train 5 or 6 of our teachers every year at the UK. With this, positive impacts are made on students from the trained teachers. I think teachers who have been helpful in impacting for years should be appreciated.

The long service award was rewarded in two categories – the ten years category and the twenty years category.

According to one of the recipients of the ten(10) years award category, Mr Felix Adeboboye, he has served for ten(10) years and encourages his fellow teachers to be diligent and patient. His words: “I joined Olashore in September 2005 as a Biology teacher in the department of Biological Sciences. Two years down the lane, I became the head of that department (HOD). As the HOD, my department was the best performing department, first to have a reference library and also produced a student who emerged 3rd position all over the country in cocoa research. I trained students to become good masters of ceremonies (MC) during events held in the school because it is believed that it is part of the leadership skills they requires. Recently too, I have been promoted to become the Assistant Director of Extra – Curricula activities which widens the scope of my work in the school. I’m a management staff. So far I’ve achieved a lot. However, I appreciate Olashore International School and I encourage them to do more. It is heartwarming that I have served for 10 years and the school has deemed it fit to reward me for my diligence. I advise my fellow teachers to be diligent in discharging their responsibilities and also to be patient”.

Speaking on the platform of the twenty (20) years category, Mr Alao Folorunsho, the Head of Maintenance Supervision appreciates Olashore and encourages people to have passion like does. He said “I’m happy because I’m very committed to my job because I love it. I joined Olashore on 23rd October 1995. Twenty years is not a joke. Passion and diligence kept me. I advise my fellow colleagues & Nigerian workers as a whole to be passionate about their jobs so they can give in their best”.

On a similar note, the Guest Speaker at the 20th Founders Day Celebration, who coincidentally is the Chairman, Board of Directors, Guaranty Trust Bank, Mrs Osaretin Demuren, the benefits of the Founders Day Celebration is that it allows people of the present generation to enjoy the legacies left behind by their fathers. Her words: ‘The benefit of the Founders Day is that it allows our fathers to share their experiences with us, ideas that can be translated into reality. So we should celebrate and appreciate them to the legacy they left behind”. She in addition, advised the Olashore students to make their parents proud knowing fully well that their parents spent a lot on their education by focusing on their studies in order to emerge the best.

The Chairman, Board Of Governors of the School, Prince Bimbo Olashore explained that the Founders Day is used for maintaining the values on which the school stands. His words: “Olashore Founders Day is a day set aside to honour the founder of the school, Oba Oladele Olashore. It is also a day we use to retain the values on which the school stands. For us, after so many years, a day like this is usually set aside to get to look into the philosophy backing the school. Reminiscing on the school, I would say that this year we are 22years old, from all indications we are not so young nor so old especially in the context of Nigeria. We are at the fore-front of providing quality education, and there’s a tendency to deliver education that is comparable to the world. We teach our students the 21st century leadership education in order to equip them with the skills inherent. We hope that people will better appreciate what they have in the country than look outside. We are truly prepared for it”.

Speaking further on the Unique Selling Preposition of the School, he stated “The Unique Selling Preposition of the school is first the good and quality education, and high academic standard. We are building an all-round students by bringing in activities such as drama, music, sports amongst others. We also work on values of leadership, citizenship, honesty and the likes. We imbibe discipline and values that will help children build their future”.

On the part of the principal, Mr Derek Smith, the Founder Day is a day is a day to celebrate the founder’s birthday and measure up successes so far achieved in the school since its inception. His words, “Today, we celebrate the founder of the school because today is originally his birthday. But most importantly, the Founders Day at Olashore is designed to help look back at the philosophy upon which the school was built and how we are measuring up to the ideals while looking forward. Looking at the school for the past few years, it is clear that the school is performing well academically, successfully, and consistently performing in the top ten schools in Nigeria. We are looking at developing on that, and all the needs the students require as they leave school for the world in the 21st century.”


Established in 1994, on 60 acres of land, Olashore International School is a co-educational school which offers high caliber education in a wide range of subjects at Junior Secondary, Senior Secondary and a University Foundation Programme in partnership with Lancaster University. Over the past 20 years, the school has succeeded in creating a community of world class services around the school including a first class hotel and a proposed golf course that all combine to give the school a unique identity. The school is particularly appealing to discerning Nigerians at home and abroad, as well as expatriates residing in Nigeria, who desire a school with a strong value system, demonstrable academic track record and a clear sense of purpose.

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