NBC Distances Self From Customised ‘Biafrans’ Coke Cans

Nigerian Bottling Company Limited(NBC), bottlers of Coca-Cola, has denied supporting the agitation for Biafra after pictures of customised Coke cans emerged on the internet.

Earlier in the week, pictures purportedly showing some Coca-Cola cans with the words “Nnamdi Kanu” and “Biafrans” emerged with claims that “several shops are now selling it”.

However, the Head Legal Services, Public Affairs and Communications Manager, (NBC), Sade Morgan, said the management of the NBC was not aware that such customised Coke, adding that the company frowned at it.
Morgan said: “We use this medium to distance ourselves as a corporate entity operating in Nigeria from the customised ‘Nnamdi Kanu’ and ‘Biafra’ can bottles branded in Coca-Cola’s products that are in circulation in the South East or wherever in Nigeria.
“We don’t brand our Coca-Cola can bottle with two names, rather it’s one name we adopt. This illegal, customised can bottles do not come from us.
“So, we wish to tell the general public that the NBC is a responsible corporate entity and will not be involved in any controversy that will disturb the peace and unity of Nigeria.
“We are going to investigate this matter and we want relevant agencies to note that the customised can bottles in circulation are not from us.

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