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Update On Parent Reporting Queens College Management For Coverup of Child Molestation

A letter from a parent of a student at Queens College, Yaba alleging that a Jss2 student of the school was molested by a teacher has taken up much of the front pages.

The teacher alleged to have molested the student is Mr. Seni Oshifala, a Biology teacher at the school who reportedly won an award last year as the best overall teacher at the school. Comments that have trailed the allegations have claimed that Mr. Oshifala has a history of questionable behavior towards students, reportedly gaining students trust by giving them money and provisions.

Although the management of Queens college has maintained silence on the allegations, a meeting of the Old Students association has been convened and will take place tomorrow to address the issue.

Mr. Oshifala has denied the allegations on Facebook, tagging them ‘fiction’


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