Brazilian Judge Blocks The Appointment Of Ex-President As Chief Of Staff

A fierce political battle is going on in Brazil as President Dilma Rousseff battles for political survival.

Despite millions of people taking to the streets to demand her impeachment, Rousseff remains resolute about seeing out her tenure.

Several politicians close to Rousseff have been implicated in a corruption scandal at state run oil company, Petrobas. One of those implicated is Rousseff’s predecessor and godfather, Lula Da Silva.

The ex president is under investigation on charges of money laundering and fraud. He was appointed Chief Of Staff yesterday by Rousseff, a move seen by many as an attempt to stop his investigation as being a cabinet member would offer him broad immunity.

Shortly after his swearing in, federal judge Itagiba Catta Preta blocked his nomination as well “as or any other that grants him immunity.”

Brazil’s lower house has moved on with its impeachment process and has set up a 65 man committee to look into whether or not she should be impeached.

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