Lagos State Government Reopens Mile 12 Market

The popular Mile 12 Market in Lagos was closed on March 3 following violent clashes between traders. The government had earlier announced a decision to relocate the Mile 12 market, a plan which still stands.

A statement from the Lagos state Government said; “Realizing the strong need to move the popular Mile 12 Market from its present location, community leaders and traders in the area have agreed with the plan of the state government to relocate the market to another suitable and more convenient location within the state,”

An agreement to substantively reopen the market was taken after a meeting of Lagos state government officials and the market leaders. One of the key agreements during the meeting was the restriction of the activities of Okada riders.

The statement disclosed that the leaders had “Agreed with government on four measures to be adopted going forward which included ban on Okada operations in the area, relocation of Mile 12 Market”

It still remains unclear when the market relocation will take place but the government has made progress in convincing market leaders of the need to relocate the market.


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