Hillary Clinton Increases Lead Over Sanders With Florida Win

The Democratic Party Primaries shaped up into a two horse race very early and unlike the Republican Primaries, it has witnessed its fair share of unpredictable outcomes.

Although Hillary Clinton was always generally considered the front-runner, Bernie Sanders has given her a run for her money, claiming crucial victories to keep him in the race. His win in Michigan, despite early polls suggesting a landslide win for Clinton pushed his campaign on.

However, yesterday’s primaries in Florida, Ohio, Illinois and Missouri and the results trickling in this morning suggest that Bernie Sanders’ campaign might as well be effectively over. With Hillary Clinton notching comfortable wins in Florida, Ohio and Illinois, she has now racked up more than half of the delegates votes required to win the democratic nomination.

She told her supporters as much yesterday evening as she emphatically declared, “We are moving closer to securing the Democratic Party nomination and winning this election in November,”



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