MTN Foundation Commences Renovation Of Maternal Centres As Part Of Maternal Ward Support Project

Following the recent announcement by the MTN Foundation (MTNF) and JNCI to renovate 24 maternal centres in six states across the country, work is ongoing in Oyo, Sokoto and Kaduna States on the Maternal Ward Support Project.

The initiative is aimed at complementing the national objective of reducing maternal and infant mortality in Nigeria.

On a recent visit to some of the project sites in Oyo and Kaduna States respectively, contractors were seen on ground and they have commenced renovation works.

See photos from the renovation works currently ongoing in Adeoyo Maternity Hospital, Ibadan.

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Each maternal ward would be equipped with:

  • 20 hospital beds with cardiac rest
  • 20 standard hospital mattresses
  • 20 standard hospital bed pillows
  • 10 four-way foldable ward screens
  • 20 metal bedside cupboards
  • 20 visitors’ chairs
  • 10 drip stands
  • 20 hydraulic over-bed tables
  • 10 height adjustable baby cots
  • 2 Carl Novel baby incubators
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    In addition to these states, work will soon commence in the other three beneficiary states; Cross River, Abia and Niger.

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