Man Hacked To Death In India For Marrying Woman Of A ‘Higher Caste’

A twenty two year old man has been hacked to death in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

‘Honor killings’ are fairly common in some states in India when people get married against their family’s wishes or marry outside the rigid caste system. Twenty two year old Sankar from the Dalit  cast(the lowest of the castes) married from a higher despite his wife’s family’s staunch opposition the union.

Sankar married 19 year old Kowsalya eight months ago and they had allegedly received death threats severally from members of Kowsalya’s family.

The couple were attacked on a crowded road where Sankar was attacked and hacked to death as horrified onlookers watched. Kowsalya sustained injuries to the head in the attack as she attempted to protect her husband from the sickle wielding attackers.

Kowsalya’s father China Swamy has reportedly accepted responsibility for the attack on his daughter and Sankar.

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