Zee World Weekly Highlights 14 – 18 Mar

Below are the highlights for this week.



Urvashi convinces Veer to transfer the property in Saloni’s child’s name but will he go through with it? Saloni vows she will make Urvashi pay and that this is just the beginning of Urvashi’s punishment as Saloni’s suspicions are proven to be right. Ambika and Saloni reunite but danger is lurking in the shadows waiting for them.


The Vow

Vidya is accused of attempting to kill Sagar. Vydia’s problems seem to grow day by day as more people in the house make her life difficult. Heera arrives at Vydia’s in-laws’ house. What could his intentions be? Later Heera’s behaviour is starting to get in the way of Vydia’s newly found happiness and he reveals the truth about her in-laws. 

Sacred Ties

It’s Savita and Dayaram’s 30th wedding anniversary, all is going according to plan until Dayaram takes the train to the theatre and the news reports there were terrorist attacks in the area. Ajit makes his appearance after a long time and this only means one thing…trouble. As soon as Ajit provoke Savita and causes chaos at the engagement ceremony. Manav does not want to take action against Ajit but Ajit strikes again.


The Promise

After much struggle Pronita finally manages to rescue Ganga. Rishi then proposes that he takes Ganga as his wife. What will Ganga do? As Meera’s true colours are finally being revealed to the whole family, she is arrested. Jai decides to leave Mumbai to erase all his sad memories that he cannot take any longer.






Eternal Love

Sahiba decides to end her life. Daljeet then pours his heart out to her with the intention to save and win her heart. Will Sahiba ever feel fulfilled? Jazz attempts ending her life to get Ranveer’s attention. The doubt in Daljeet’s mother’s heart about him and Sahiba, makes her decide to take a step to end Daljeet and Sahiba’s relation. During an argument with Mr Pal, Ranveer loses his temper with a tragic end.

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