Reporter Wins $55Million Lawsuit Over Release Of Her Nude Video

An American Sports broadcaster, Erin Andrews, has won a massive $55 million judgment in a lawsuit relating to the release of her nude video online.

Erin Andrews, who works for Fox Sports was secretly recorded through her hotel peephole by Michael David Barrett, who then released the video online.

Michael Barrett who had been stalking Erin Andrews had specifically requested a room next to Miss Andrews in an incident which occured in 2008.

Erin Andrews sued the Nashville Marriott for negligence and sued Michael Barrett for the sum of $75 million. The hotel then attempted to shift the blame for the incident entirely to Michael Barrett.

Barrett pleaded guilty to stalking and the court found the hotel liable to an extent as well. The hotel will pay $27 million while Barrett who will face jail time will pay $28 million.

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