Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump Are The Biggest Winners From Super Tuesday

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were undoubtedly the best performers on ‘Super Tuesday‘, one of the most intense round of primaries spanning 11 states in America.

The Republican and Democratic party candidates geared up for Tuesday with the knowledge that the four state primaries before this were dress rehearsals for the intense primaries.

For the Democrats, Hillary Clinton had only managed to shrug off her rival Bernie Sanders in the caucus elections in Nevada and South Carolina. For Sanders, closing the gap yesterday was necessary.

On the part of the Republicans, loud mouthed businessman, Donald Trump, ahead in the polls and primaries is still on a roll, leaving Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio wondering how he’ll ever be beaten.

Clinton and Trump won at least 7 states as initial results trickle in to consolidate their strong performances. Hillary Clinton’s main rival, Bernie Sanders managed to win four states.

Trump’s contenders didn’t do so well, with Ted Cruz winning just two states (including his home state of Texas) and Marco Rubio winning just one state.

Hillary Clinton now has 882 delegates to Sanders’ 232 and is some way off from getting the required numbers to secure the Democratic ticket. For the Republicans,  Trump leads with 221 delegates, Cruz has 69 and Rubio has 41.

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