Oscars 2016: Leonardo DiCaprio wins -The Curse is BROKEN

During Sunday night at the awards ceremony, Leonardo DiCaprio didn’t seem to expect to hear that he had finally (finally!) gotten a nod from the Academy when Julianne Moore announced he’d won the big prize for the movie – The Revenant Man.

Looking as dapper as ever, Leo accepted the award to one of the longest-standing ovations. He went on to thank everyone involved and every other actor’s “incredible talent.” His speech was flawless, like he’s been practicing for 22 years. He also took the moment as an opportunity to talk about climate change. The Oscar producers let him talk for as long as he wanted, in fact, without rolling the “get off the stage” music during his speech. “I do not take this award for granted,” he said as he walked off the stage.


Congratulations to him.

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