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Toju Foyeh, Leslie Okoye of Cookies Skin and Aisha of Nicole by Haguanna covers the Vanguard Allure

The business of making other people look good and feel better about themselves has really created a multi-billion naira industry in this part of the world.
From what to wear, Toju Foyeh is at the helm of it, What right product to use on the skin: Leslie Okoye is championing the movement to the bam accessories to make statements with: Nicole by Haguanna brand is on top of it.
This week, all 3 strong women share their unique stories on the cover of Vanguard Allure.


Creative Director: Nelly Mesik
Photography: Aham Ibeleme
Stylist: Ifan Michaels for ThinkIfan
Makeup: Evelyn and Joanne for Zaron Cosmetics.
Hair: Tj for HairCraft
Outfits: Toju Foyeh, LDA, Moofa
Location: Fahrenheit Loft, VI, Lagos.

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