Lagos State Commisioner Of Science & Technology Tells Us About Lagos Smart City Project In An Exclusive Interview

The Lagos state commissioner for Science and Technology, Olufemi Odubiyi, spoke to and he made some exciting revelations in the exclusive interview.

We caught up with the commissioner at the ongoing Social Media Week Lagos where he was a panelist at the ‘Ytech 100’ session.

When asked what the Lagos state government is doing to fight crime and traffic congestion in the megacity, he said:

“We’re doing our Smart City Project, we’re rolling out 10,000 cameras. What that accords us is a proactive means of checking crime and faster response to criminal activities.

Now as a deterrent, these cameras can easily pick up a repeat offender, its coming with facial recognition, so imagine ten thousand of those around”.

We asked the commissioner how soon Lagosians have to wait for the roll out of the smart city project and his answer was an enthusiastic “it is commencing soon!”

He also added, “We’re looking at e-policing, if you look at the total number of policemen to the population in Lagos, they’re outnumbered.

You probably have 1 policemen to 15,000 Lagosians but with the smart city security initiative, we’re coming up with the state of the art command and control center. What you’ll find in there ate the first responder agencies: the police, the ambulance e.t.c

So they can pick up incidences and react promptly. Were also deploying drones. We want to ensure that in Lagos, security is taken out as a critical issue, people should be free to move around.

It has a mulipliet effect on the economy, if you feel safe, you can do your business”

He concluded by stating “we have perfected governance in Lagos, Lagos is years ahead of so many states but we are not standing still!”

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