Arsenal Spurn Chances As Barcelona Grab 2-0 Win At The Emirates

The UEFA Champions League fixture yesterday was undoubtedly one of the most anticipated fixtures yet, with Spanish giants Barcelona facing English side, Arsenal.

Barcelona came into the game undefeated in 32 encounters and with the threat of the best attacking trio in the world; Messi, Suarez and Neymar.

Arsenal were also in a good patch, having avoided defeat in five matches, they looked to avoid a heavy loss in the first leg at the Emirates stadium.

Although many had predicted a whitewash, Arsenal started brightly and had the better of the first half and would probably blame Oxlade Chamberlain for not putting them ahead when he shot the ball tamely into Ter Stergen’s hands from close range.

Although Barcelona had most of the possession, Arsenal successfully restricted Barcelona’s midfield prowess with Bellerin effectively shutting out Neymar. By the end of the half, Barcelona hadn’t managed a shot on target.

Although Barcelona did their usual smooth passing, they never quite looked like they were at their best and as Arsenal wasted chance after chance, you could feel it coming, that brand of misfortune which befalls you when you fail to make your chances count.

No one would have predicted that it would take a Barca counter attack to decide the fixture, with a clever pass from Neymar to Messi who laid Cech in green pastures before finding the back of the net.
It was a cruel blow for Arsenal and their misfortune worsened when Flamini, who had just come into the fray to replace Coquelin conceded a penalty.

Messi stepped up and gobbled it up to hand Barcelona a very flattering 2-0 victory away from home.

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