Mugabe Plans Lavish 92nd Birthday Party As Drought Worsens In Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe’s President, Robert Mugabe has big plans for his 92nd birthday and he surely isn’t letting the current socioeconomic realities in his country stop him. Mugabe turned 92 on Sunday and is the oldest President in the world as well as being one of Africa’s sit tight leaders, having been in power for 36 years.

Zimbabwe’s state newspaper described the event in particularly colorful fashion, proclaiming in a sixteen page advert; “Mugabe’s birthday is like that of Jesus Christ”

State officials also presented him with a surprise birthday cake (although the big party is on Saturday!)


Mugabe 2

Despite a deadly drought which threatens to leave a third of Zimbabwe’s population at the risk of starvation, Mugabe will celebrate his birthday on February 27 in the city of Masvingo at an estimated cost of 500,000 Pounds. If you’re wondering where Zimbabwe will get the money from, a fundraiser was held on Friday as politicians and business persons donated sums between $5,000 and $100,000 to fund Mugabe’s shindig.

You can read about Zimbabwe’s deadly drought here

A member Zanu-PFT, Mugabe’s party said, “To be able to mobilise resources to honour one of Africa’s finest icons during such a difficult time proves our resilience,”

State officials presented him with a surprise birthday


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