Top Tweets From #SMWLagos – Guardian Africa Panel

The western media has long been criticised for oversimplifying Africa – a continent of more than a billion people. With a narrative dominated by poverty and famine, corruption and conflict, the complexity of modern Africa is often lost.

But resources are stretched and our correspondents are few, so what are the options for an international digital news organisation like the Guardian?

The Africa network, which launched in 2012, has attempted to take a different approach, partnering with specialist and local journalists, bloggers and news sites to report stories from the continent they know best.

How Does The Western Media Get Nigeria Wrong? invites journalists working in Lagos and from the larger online community to join our debate on what we should be doing to bridge the gap.

  • Should we commission more local stories tailored to a Nigerian audience? Or focus on promoting the international stories we know our Nigerian readers are interested in, like sport and news?
  • What should our content look like? Should we focus on mobile devices, producing stories that load quickly in low-bandwidth environments?
  • Perhaps we should take the Guardian’s reporting to Nigeria’s most popular social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter?

Or does distance ultimately prevent international media from covering Nigeria adequately? Maybe we should leave it to national news organisations to cover their own beat?


The panelists were on fire at the event. See top tweets below;





























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