Discovery 25: 7 ways to create personal joy

A lot of us think the only times we can be joyful is when something good happens to us- our prayers get answered or a reason to celebrate arrives. While these situations contribute to us being joyful, it certainly isn’t the full picture.

I believe being joyful is an intentional effort not something that just happens. Being joyful takes practice and conscious, active effort. On today’s vlog, I share my personal experiences of how I have created joy in my life. It hasn’t been easy, but everyday I use some of the tips shared in this video to create my own personal sense of joy and over the years I have found new ways to guard and practice joy even in the most difficult of circumstances.

How about you? Do you find that being joyful is based on situations? or are you able to be truly joyful even in the midst of not so joyful issues? Please leave a comment- I always reply (even if does take me a while)- or send me an email on [email protected]

See you next week!

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