19 Year Old Pays £600 to hangout with Floyd Mayweather

***Has ‘The Money Man’ found love…

According to the Dailymail, Raemarni Ball paid £600 to meet with ‘The Money Man‘ at an event in the Uk recently. The pair then hit if off within hours, as the aspiring singer was seen frolicking on his private jet as they moved around the globe.

The youngster seem to have taken to her new position pretty well, taking numerous photos on Mayweather’s jet and sharing them online. The boxer has also chipped in to pass his own comments on some of her photos.

Ball, who was working in a New Look shop, seems to have adapted to her new celebrity lifestyle. Jetting off to Amsterdam to meet Money, pictured in his Rolls Royce, and of course, sharing it on social media for everyone to catch a glimpse of her new found fame.

“She’s with Floyd in America. They are having fun.” A close friend told the Mirror.

“We are not sure if the two are in a relationship or are just passing out time.” Another friend added.

Meanwhile, Raemarni is accompanied by her 21 year-old-sister, presumably to keep the monkey business from escalating. The undefeated, pound for pound king, Mayweather, is 38.

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