Fuel Queues Return To Lagos As Fuel Scarcity Looms

Lagosians and indeed Nigerians are all too familiar with the sight of the lengthy queues at fuel stations that herald major fuel scarcity. Having gone through the pain of these queues and being forced to buy fuel at black market rates as recently as late last year, we were all hoping it would be the last.

Sadly, the queues are back in Lagos as more fuel stations refuse to sell to customers. The few fuel stations with fuel have queues that stretch forever, worsening the traffic gridlock on many of the narrow roads in Lagos.

Unofficial reports say that fuel tankers have refused to load because of a dispute with Mobil. There has been no confirmation on how long the impasse will last but a major scarcity looks likely to worsen in the next few days if the status-quo is unresolved.

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