Zee World Weekly Highlights 22-26 Feb

Kaveri and Kuki Kaki unite and join forces to expose Urvashi.  Nirav saves Saloni from Chandu Pardesi. Urvashi celebrates Veer’s birthday. Kaveri tells Veer about Saloni. Tara is upset with Urvashi getting closer to Brijesh. Veer announces the joint MD position. Nahar follows Urvashi to an unknown location there he discovers some valuable information. Saloni runs away and Nirav tries to track her down.


Everything is returning to normal in the Garodia family. Akaash makes an important decision that leads to heartbreak and emotional blackmail. Jhanvi discovers the whole truth about her mother-in-law. Pratap Singh discovers that his daughter-in-law has been kidnapped. Akaash receives some shocking news about Payal. Jhanvi attempts to rescue Sumaan from her kidnappers but problems arise. Jhanvi has a confrontation with her father in law and reveals more than she should. Gauri’s life is in danger but will Akaash reach in time to save her?

Sacred Ties

Manav cuts all ties with Archana. Varsha goes to Manav’s garage with the hope of making Manav forgive Archana by telling him everything. Mr. Girish tells Savita that the only solution to their problem is for Manav to marry Shalini. Savita pays the family a sudden surprise visit to hand a gift from Sachin. Varsha and Satish work together to prevent Archana and Manav’s divorce from being finalised.


The Promise


The story takes a turn when Pronita thinks Meera is not the only enemy against her. Jigyasa and Pronita come face to face.  Pronita tells Jai about Krishna’s job. Meera is once more a step ahead. Jai agrees to divorce Pronita for the sake of his daughter’s freedom. Jai is shocked when Pronita gives him condition to their divorce. Jai realises that he misunderstood Pronita. Meera realises that she has lost Krishna’s trust.

Married Again


The sight of Radha and Suraj together shocks the family. Radha attempts ending the shame by ending her life.  Instead of joy the Sindhia house is faced with a challenge. Ishita is brewing a new plan to instigate conflict in the house. Suraj Pratab arrives in the nick of time to rescue Radha. Akash’s friends betray him and attempt to end his life. Ishita plans to erase Aarti from the picture. Ishita pays a dancer at the Sindhia celebration to kidnap Ayu. Bhavani has adopted a child, giving her the ability to be a mother. Ishita plans to set the sisters-in-law apart.

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