10 Highlights Of What’s Happening At The 2016 Social Media Week Lagos

The 2016 Social Media Week Lagos is just a few days away!

Starting on February 22, there are well over 50 events with more than 150 confirmed speakers. For the unitiated, it might be a bit daunting to pick and choose the events to attend.

Here are my top ten picks!

  1. The Place Of Technology In Building A Brand


This session is targeted at everyone who needs to learn a thing or two on how technology can re-position his brand. In an increasingly interconnected world, social media is driving businesses that are led by tech savvy individuals who realise that many times the difference is in how technology is utilised.

2. Power, Politics And Perception: Social Media, Power, Ethics, Political Commentary And Activism In The Network Age

Nigeria’s 2015 General Elections greatly enhanced the visibility of social networks as well as its usefulness in allowing representatives interact directly with the electorate.

After the elections, Social media has remained a veritable tool to hold the government accountable as well as express public opinion and apply public censure.

This is certainly one I wouldn’t miss!

3. Social Media And Newsgathering

Hosted by the Agence France Press, this is an in-depth  to introduce journalists, fact checkers, bloggers, writers and content creators to newsgathering guidelines in the digital world.

It seems to introduce a balance between the new age news distribution to traditional methods of journalism to aid the best outcome.

4. Technically Speaking…The Future of The Pension Contributory Scheme

The new Nigerian contributory pension scheme means that young people start planning for their retirement the from the day of their first job!

While the new Pension act is a laudable one, there’s still widespread ignorance about the details. This session looks at how technology and social media help spread awareness about the contributory pension scheme.

5. Destination Lagos- A Digital Journey

This session is for the business inclined and focuses on how social media can drive tourism in Nigeria’s. Digital storytelling has a direct impact on any nation’s travel industry with travel bloggers changing the old stories about travelling to African countries.

6. SMW Music Africa: Getting Paid In Full In The Era Of Free

The world is falling in love with free stuff! Streams, illegal downloads mean that for the artist, revenue streams are shrinking!

How can artists leverage on technology and consumers growing music consumption to create new revenue streams?

7. BBC Africa Debate Live! 

The BBC is hosting a debate during the Social Media Week and the topic is particularly interesting. Should there be free speech on social media?

More recently, Nigerians have been reacting angrily to a draft bill proposed in the country’s Senate which aims to punish anyone who “propagates false information”. The bill’s opponents say it will censor free speech on social media where public corruption is exposed. Its supporters say the bill is to check the publication of false stories, which they claim is becoming rampant in the country.

The BBC Africa Debate will be discussing this issue with a distinguished panel and an invited, engaged audience.

8. Let’s Talk Governance! Citizens Market Place

Democracy is usually referred to as a form of government where the people wield political power. The reality of democracy is a lot more complex, requiring active citizens and involvement in governance.

Let’s Talk Governance! is presented by Enough is Enough Nigeria (EiE) in partnership with USAID Strengthening Advocacy and Civic Engagement (SACE) Project with a goal of promoting greater citizen engagement on governance issues.

9. Managing The Super Eagles In The Social Media Age With Sunday Oliseh

The coach of the Nigerian Super Eagles, Sunday Oliseh, has been in the news lately in a social media related controversy.

Hosted by Veteran sports Journalist, COlin Udoh, this session will cover topics ranging from when players retire instantly on Instagram, rant on Twitter, leak to blogs, and post videos on Vine; to dealing with the press in a hyperactive 24 hour news culture, where everyone is a potential journalist.

10. Late Night Shopping And Champagne Mixer With ZAZAII

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, yes?

ZAZAII is hosting drinks, special SMW discounts, dancing, and other delights—this is the one event you do not want to miss. Guests are invited to shop the new designer collections, network and mingle with top industry tastemakers in fashion, lifestyle, beauty and entertainment.



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