Awards are not a true measure of excellence, brilliance – Osagie Alonge, Editor-In-Chief, Pulse Nigeria

Behind every success story, there is a person the world should know, goes the saying by Honour-Code recognition platform, WeldoneAfrica.

The train of advocacy which has been moving around to expose amazing Africans and what they are up to, paid a courtesy visit to X3M Ideas boss, Mr Steve Babaeko in 2015, where a recognition award was presented to him. They have hereby taken the social advocacy trip to another level as they recently hooked up with the Editor-In-Chief of Pulse Nigeria, Osagie Alonge, popularly know has OsaGz.
Osagie Alonge
The Pop Culture Curator, who’s name is not strange in the new media as a result of his highly demanded YouTube series, FactsOnly, and his involvement in the pragmatic analysis of the music industry and its loins, the A&R spoke some truth as he had an hour in conversation with WeldoneAfrica in a virtual interview today, 16th February 2016, where they discussed the Upshots of Relentlessness in the African Music Industry.
When asked if he agrees with the saying “Nobody comes from nowhere”, “There always has to be a struggle”, he answered emphatically.
He also went further to advice Kanye who has been on the news lately due to his self-acclaimed $58million debt, that charity begins at home and he should source from himself and family. Kanye might want to take a cue from that.
Osagie did not only talk about Mr West, he also made a clear note of the skeletal structure amongst Record Labels in Africa, advising upcoming artistes to go down the realistic Indie route instead of seeking black and white contracts from Record Companies.
He went ahead to state the fact that talent managers who also double as business managers will fail at either or both and create more problems in the industry. This we do agree also.
Furthermore, Osagie Alonge’s disapproval of awards as a true measure of excellence and brilliance was cogent. Giving examples of NAS and Notorious B.I.G who despite their evident success, has not one grammy on their racks. This buttressed is point on impact and influence that can shape the culture of music, where he gave M.I, Weird MC, Ruggedman, Eldee and Kanye has case study. Osagie must be pro-Kanye.
When asked about Luck being a factor of success, Osagie agreed, but with a remarkable clause, “Luck can you take you there but can’t keep you there”.
See attached images from the WeldoneAfrica Virtual Interview and expect more.
Stay Relentless.

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