Discovery 24: 6 Easy Steps to Finding Your Purpose By Glory Edozien

A few years ago I’d watch on in envy as my friends talked about doing jobs or working in sectors they loved. I wondered why I seemed not to get the same sort of excitement or fulfillment in my own life. 

Today, things are a little different. I wake up in the middle of the night, completely giddy about Inspired By glory-my women empowerment platform and other things I feel passionate about. Sometimes, I feel the world is constantly feeding me with ideas and multiple sources of inspiration- doing what you love is definitely exhilarating and there is nothing quite like it.

But how do you find your passion? Is your passion linked to your talents, strengths or childhood experiences? What if you have multiple talents in diverse areas? How do you know which you are passionate about. The truth is, identifying your passion/purpose is a multi layered and fluid process. There is no end date to identifying your passion, it grows, turns different corners and merges with new, unexpected opportunities.

In today’s vlog, I share my story of how I found my passion and I tease out some tips, which I hope will help you identify yours too.

Have you identified your passion? How did this happen? Did you use some or any of the tips I mention? Please share in the comments section or email me on [email protected]

See you next week!

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