Twitter Launches Its New Optional Algorithm That Changes Your Timeline

#RIPTwitter was a hashtag that began when it became news that Twitter had decided to tinker with the traditional structure of the Twitter timeline.
Looking to grow its users beyond the 300 million user mark and also trying to make Twitter easier to use, Twitter has rolled out an algorithm which takes away the chronological structure of the Timeline.

In simpler terms, your Twitter timeline is going to become pretty much similar to Facebook where you’d be able to view the best and most popular tweets as opposed to Tweets by just your followers.

Twitter’s decision to roll out this new algorithm angered a lot of users and this is probably why the new Twitter Timeline is optional.

All you have to do to try out the new timeline format, click on your account settings where you’ll see the ‘content’ option. You’ll find a box you can tick tagged ‘show me the best tweets first’.

Let us know your first thoughts on the new timeline!

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