Zee World Weekly Highlights 08-12 Feb

Shibu hands Saloni her next task to break the seventh oath. Nahar packs his bags and gets ready to leave but before he can the unexpected happens. The blackmailer’s Identity is finally revealed and it is indeed a familiar face. Saloni takes it upon herself to try find Urvashi and the child. Nikita goes missing and Narpat gets blamed. Ambika finds out the truth about Nikita.

Destiny Mon – Fri 6pm


Jhanvi’s curiosity about the locked door continues to grow despite being warned. Akaash meets someone from his past. Jhanvi follows her father in law to see where he goes to at night. Saraswati sees Yuvraj and Rasik together. Akaash continues to humiliate Gauri when he is with Pia. Lakshmi leaves the Garodia home. Jhanvi finds out the true meaning of the anklet she is given.  Kajari gets an unexpected visitor in jail.  Rasik continues stirring trouble.


Sacred Ties Mon – Fri 7pm

Satish steps in and defends Archana from Savita’s false accusations. Manav warns Varsha about Ashwin. Dayaram returns and it appears he his a changed man. Dayaram goes to Archana’s house in his drunken state to change her mind. Varsha reprimands Savita at the market. Satish tells Archana to go to Manav’s garage opening to represent the company. Bhavna takes a marriage proposal to Sunanda and Manohar.


The Promise Mon – Fri 8pm


Jai does not expose Meera but allows fate to take control. Pronita’s plans seem to be working. Jai’s path brings him more sorrow than happiness. The war between Jai and Meera is affecting the family. Meera realises that she cannot control Ganga anymore.  Ganga is falsely accuses of a crime. Looks like Pronita is playing games on Meera, she is one step ahead of her. Ranveer offers to to join forces with Meera.

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Married Again Mon – Fri 12pm

Prashant takes advantage of the disagreement in the Sindhia house and turns Ansh away from Aarti. Mr Sindhia and Prashant team up. The court case for Ansh’s custody is approaching and Aarti is concerned Prashant will use his manipulative way to win. Ansh is kidnapped and Yash’s suspicions about the kidnappers are proven wrong. Aarti and Yash have been given an ultimatum for their son’s freedom. Yash’s father is accused of having another child out of his marriage with Radha.

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