Originative Artwork “Your Destiny Is In Your Hands” – by Eluagu William

This fantastic artwork is made up of plastic bottles and cans. Nothing comes to waste when you stay creative and innovative. Table water, 7UP, Sprite and Mountain Dew plastics bottles are what made this artwork outstanding.
Eluagu William, a graduate of Yaba College of Technology, who studied Sculpture/Art came up with this as his final year project. He tagged it “Your Destiny Is In Your Hands”.

Artwork in progress

He said, “I have been working like ‘Jackie’ just to meet up with my project. At a point in time…I forgot about wearing clothes. ITS A MEMORY THAT’S ALIVE…!Lol”
The plastic bottles artwork has become so endearing that it can be linked to the Star Music Trek 2015 bottle artwork.

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