Let’s Go Green: Green Campus Initiative (GCI) Video

The Green Campus Initiative (GCI) brings yet another awareness-filled, earth-inspired video titled ‘Let’s Go Green’ to the screen. The awareness campaign is produced in-house by the Founder of GCI, AdenikeAkinsemolu, and directed by Olayinka Ojo – GCI Minister for Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship, and Winner of the UN Spoken Word Contest. It also features the Adeyemi College of Education GCI Ambassadors as the cast.

Staying true to the theme of the cause, the crew explored the natural environment beautifully. The lush green environment in the video lures viewers into nature’s therapeutic powers while the voices, smiles and radiating glow on the faces calms nerves. If you do not already know about Going Green, this video is a good starting point.


The lyrics are highly captivating and gets the message across: “Imagine a world where water is free and clean, where breathe is fresh and safe, where sun will smile each day…” Honestly, these words are a reminder that we need to be sensitive and mindful of our environment.


Friends, this video is a call to action for all of us. The planet is ours. We can preserve it for future generations by doing little things that matter. This is a must see video. Watch it below or on YouTube.


For more information about the Green Campus Initiative, visit their website on www.greenthecampus.org or like them on www.facebook.com/greenthecampus

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