#RIPTwitter; Twitter’s New Algorithm Will Change Your Timeline As You Know It

Perhaps the downside to being a social network that seems unable to increase its number of users is a “trial and error approach”.

Determined to push its number of users past 300 million, Twitter has resorted to a rash of wildly unpopular measures.

The first was a plan to increase the number of characters per tweet from 140 to 10,000. Not a lot of Twitter users cheered the move but the latest move is even more unpopular.

Twitter’s decision to let the tweets you see on your timeline be determined by an algorithm and not by the time tweets are posted is proving to be dead on arrival.

Twitter’s new algorithm will drastically change your timeline as you know it, doing away with a timeline determined by how recent tweets are.

The new strategy has proved so unpopular that it has spurred a hashtag #RIPTwitter. #RIPTwitter is a hilarious thread ridiculing Twitter’s new algorithm which probably will be in effect by next week.

Good luck Twitter!

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