Bayern Munich star turns up to training DRUNK! 

Arturo Vidal’s professional image has once again taken a heavy blow as the midfielder turned up to training in Qatar having been drinking, according to? Bild.

The report emerges following rumours that Manchester City bound manager Pep Guardiola accused several players, of whom Vidal was one, of being overweight and unprofessional.

The player has however denied the report and has instructed his lawyers to initiate a legal claim against the newspaper.


This is not the first instance of Vidal’s troubles with alcohol.

A ?tearful apology saved his chances of playing in the 2015 Copa America tournament after he crashed his Ferrari under the influence of alcohol in Santiago, Chile and was summoned to court on charges of drunk driving.
Vidal would go on to accept a two year driving ban and help Chile win their first ever major tournament the following month.
In 2011, Vidal faced a similar scandal as the Chile Football Federation punished four players for disciplinary issues, again, the man at the heart of today’s story was one of them.

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