A lot has happened on Social media this year and this is just February!!! Social media has turned into the new boxing ring! People need to calm down, it’s really not that serious. Today’s topic on Ariyike weekly is ”Think before you react”. The other day, I was watching Wendy and she had Jerry O’Conell on the show. He said he once got into trouble at work for texting something to someone when he should have taken a deep breath and he learnt a lesson afterwards because someone said this to him: ”Don’t say something mean, say what you mean”. So when next you pick up your phone to reply someone who has written or said something about you, it’s better to first put down that phone and if you must reply, it’s better to do so when your head is clear, it’s important to think before you react because words are like broken eggs, once they break, you can never arrange them back to the way they were. Remember that once you send out that tweet that can hurt someone, you don’t have control over it anymore and anyone could have saved it even if you deleted it afterwards. What do you guys think? Share your thoughts.


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