Ashley Madison Is Making Adultery Safer With This New Feature

If you’re wondering if Ashley Madison hasn’t locked up shop, they aren’t going down that easily!

If you’ve never heard of Ashley Madison, it’s time to come out from under that rock. Ashley Madison is a dating website for married people-yep,you heard that right!

A hack of the website last year led to a massive leak of the names and details of millions of Ashley Madison subscribers. 32 million subscribers had their personal details splashed on the Internet (whoever thought adultery was such a profitable industry).

Ashley Madison has announced that they’re introducing new security measures to ensure it keeps its clients identities safe.

Ashley Madison’s new feature will allow you add a mask to your profile photo if you feel the need to and will even let you choose between a white and black mask.


So get in there adulterers! Cheating on your spouses has never been safer.

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