Cool!!! See Another Important Feature Of Whatsapp Aside Chatting And Calling

I bet you all didn’t know that aside the primary chatting and calling functions of the popular social interactive platform, WHATSAPP, there are other interesting features too.

I just tried it and it worked! it gave me answers…Check out the process below and enjoy:

You can indeed use your WhatsApp for more interesting purposes apart from “chatting”.

You can have a “wiki” contact on your WhatsApp list, where you can inquire about any information that you want, just think of it as a cooler form of dictionary, and you get answers INSTANTLY.

Step 1:
Save this number +91 90434 89211 as wikipedia

Step 2:
Create a new WhatsApp group and insert only the “wiki” contact and save.

try it!

You can all thank me later…

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