Following the success of her first hair accessory line ” Bunnies by Maryanne Alabi” head wraps. Maryanne Alabi has obviously been busy not only being a hard working creative fashion stylist but she has remained ontop of her game to keep coming up with innovative and amazing accessories for everyday life. 

Arm candies are a must have irrespective of your sex, age, style, location, occupation and social belief.

It is of great importance to have a bag that speaks a thousand words to you and in the same light tell the world a little about you the carrier.

Tote bags are loved by everyone, because of their flexibility, durability, I love tote bags that can easily carry all that I need for the day, or week that I choose to make it my arm candy. Your tote should represent you all the time, it should boost your style power, it should be your best companion, it should speak a thousand languages but still passing across the same message that a stylish being in around.

Your tote should be your best friend , it should be your all….

tote by maryann-2

Without further talks and praises of the ‘ Tote’, it is with great pleasure I present to you ….. *Drum rolls* “Totes By Maryanne ??

These totes were made with love, they were made specifically for every one who needs a casual friendly bag, they were made for both sexes.

Each tote is different from the other as we have used tye dye prints,patterns and denim to bring out the true character of the totes, which makes it peculiar to its carrier.

tote by maryann-1

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