Timeout with Orlando Bloom: The Lord of The Rings Star, talks cuisine, favourite destinations and Africa

In a recent interview at the launch of British Airways 787-9 Dreamliner, famous Hollywood Actor Orlando Bloom shared some of his best travel memories, revealing that one of the most memorable meals he has ever had is steaks, in South Africa.

Orlando Bloom also spoke about his favourite cities, and some of his top travel tips. Here’s what he revealed:


Which city in the world do you always love going back to? (And why do you keep returning)?


London is and always will be my home. Landing at Heathrow always gives me a great feeling, to be returning to family and friends. It’s such an exciting city – multicultural and diverse. There’s no place like home.


What three things should every visitor to Abu Dhabi experience (and why)?

It is rich in culture and history. A visit to the Sheikh Zayed Mosque is a must see. You can’t beat the weather and there are many fine dining experiences to enjoy.


Which destination have you travelled to that has surprised you the most? What exactly surprised you about that destination?


Japan is one of the wonderful places I’ve ever been to – it would take a lifetime to get your head around the culture –from ‘goldfish scooping’ on a Japanese TV show to the bright neon lights of Tokyo to the peaceful landscaped gardens of Kyoto – it’s a country of contrasts.


Where in the world did you have your most memorable meal? What did you eat?

It’s impossible to name a particular restaurant but the steaks in South Africa are like nowhere else. Eating there is such a social event, especially in summer when family and friends all come together for a braai (barbeque).


Which is your all-time favourite hotel in the world (or the best place that you’ve stayed)? What makes it so special?

I can’t tell you my favourite hotel because it is my favourite hotel and it’s a well-kept secret, but I will say it has been in my life for 20 years and it’s in Morocco, a country where I have spent s fair amount of time filming in, and a country that I have always loved.


What has been your most memorable holiday to date? What made it so unforgettable?

Spent my first holiday with Flynn in Big Sur in California exploring the area around where we live – seeing the giant redwood trees and hiking in the forests.


Now you are a father yourself, what’s your top tip for travelling with children?


Make sure you have plenty of things to keep them busy. We always bring colouring books.



What are your top five destinations of all time?


London – My home!

New York – Beautiful city

LA – My second home!

New Zealand – Vast landscapes

Morocco – Delicious food!


What’s the one gadget that you can’t travel without? Why?

I always travel with my noise-cancelling headphones.

Which destination is at the top of your bucket list to visit it next? What is it about the destination that makes it so appealing?


I’d love to take my son Flynn to visit the pandas in Chengdu – it’s so easy now to visit China and it’s an amazing country ­­– that’s definitely next for our family.


We can’t wait till Orlando visits Nigeria and tries her vast cuisine!


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