#TecnoOwnTheStage: Do Great Vocals Make Karaoke Better?

Karaoke is Probably a word the average Ibadan bred man would have problems pronouncing. (No offense to Ibadan residents).

Away from my silly joke, the real question is, what are the real determinants of a great karaoke experience?

The words are on the screen, the rhythm is in your mind and you still manage to make a mess of it! Is it really about great vocals?

The truth is, great vocals just make up one of the few (
factors which make up for good karaoke. Taken in isolation, your voice won’t count for much.

Breath control, an in depth knowledge of the song and overcoming the temptation not to overstretch yourself will probably serve you better.

No matter how good your vocals, starting off slow will probably lose your audience and it’s guaranteed to be all uphill from there.

To balance the narrative, if you master your breath and start off right, great vocals would probably have your audience eating off your hands.

So, get in there folks!

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