Steps On How To Donate And Keep Debbie Osarere Idiagbonya Alive

Breast Cancer Survivor Debbie Osarere now has cancer In Her Skull Wall.

In 2011, Debbie was diagnosed after a cancerous growth on her left breast, which was spreading rapidly to her right breast and neck was discovered and she  survived breast cancer but, the deadly disease spread to other sites in the body.



Debbie shared photos of the new development on her IG page. See the posts below;




We need you all to please make donations to save Debbie here on GO FUND ME.

  1. Click on the link and a form will pop up / and fee you want to donate.
  2. Type in your details
  3. Type in your card details
  4. confirm your email address and lick on it.
  5. You will receive a receipt of the payment.
  6. Spread the word using social media to encourage others to make donations

Tell your friends and family to do the same. We all need Debbie to survive this.



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