NO AIR. An Underwater Fashion Photography Project

So 5 supremely creative people got together to do ” No Air” an ad hoc underwater fashion shoot on a whim and without a budget over a weekend.  These are the results…

What happens when dreams are stifled and freedom inhibited? There is stagnation, there is breathlessness, there is NO AIR. You gasp for air, you struggle for release but there is no way you can get these without fighting your way out. There are communities in and outside Nigeria who struggle with this phenomenon in more ways than one.

That is the story behind this project. We hope to get the attention of interested individuals and organisations in the full scale of this project.

It took us 24 hours to execute this test shoot, but we did it and it was done – out of passion, out of nothing, out of a desire and that’s all it took.


Underwater52 Underwater Shoot_0256 Underwater5 Underwater Shoot_0087 copy Underwater Shoot_0076


Barbara Onianwah – Beauty & Fashion blogger / Project underwater model.

Jumai Shaba – TV personality /Project underwater model.

Obijie – Award winning Stylist & Fashion Designer / Project stylist.

Deji Olatunde  – Award winning photographer / underwater photographer / Project Creative Director 

Tolu Ajayi  – Filmmaker /Underwater photographer.

John Adams – Camera Assistant

Shot at Trino Studios Parkview Ikoyi – Special thanks to Uche Okocha and Tunwa Aderinokun.

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