U.N Peacekeepers Face Fresh Sexual Assault Allegations

The United Nations has been rocked by several allegations of sexual abuses by its peacekeeping forces in the Central African Republic (CAR).

The U.N had earlier opened investigations into some of the allegations of rape in the CAR.

Six additional cases of abuses have been discovered with all the allegations coming against European troops in CAR. The sexual abuse allegedly took place in 2014 in or near a camp for displaced people as the U.N disclosed that a 7 year old said she was asked to perform sexual acts in exchange for water.

In all, U.N is dealing with 69 reported cases of sexual abuses allegations against peacekeepers in 2015.

The U.N Secretary General said that the information such as what country the accused peacekeepers are from will be published next month as well as the status of the ongoing investigations.

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