Apple Might be Bringing Back the Small iPhone

If you missed the smaller, skinnier size of the Apple phones pre-iPhone 6 , you might be in luck. Rumors are mounting that that the iPhone 5 size is coming back, and the newest small phone could be announced as early as March. 

Rumors of a potential smaller iPhone (potentially called the iPhone 6c) have been mounting for a while now, but a report from Marc Gurman at 9to5Mac—a notoriously reliable source for leaks—offers a whole bunch of details on the potential new phone that would be announced months ahead of the iPhone 7’s expected September release

Potentially called the iPhone 5se, the new phone would be the same size as the iPhone 5s, but with some rounded edges to make it look more like its bigger brothers. On the inside, the 5se would have most of the same parts as the iPhone 6. It would have NFC for use with Apple Pay, but it wouldn’t have a pressure-sensitive 3D Touch screen like the iPhone 6s. As for cost, it’d likely take the place of the iPhone 5s and cost $450 off-contract, or free with a two-year contract (on carriers that still offer that option).

So if you want to stay on the cutting edge, keep holding out for that iPhone 7. But if all these bigger iPhones are too big for your hands, you could be in luck come March.

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