Tanzanian President Bans Diamond Platnumz’s girlfriend from Hosting Extravagant All White Parties

Diamond Platnumz‘s baby mama, Zari has been dealt a major blow by the new administration in Tanzanian, as president Magufuli John Pombe has ordered the ban of all her controversial White Parties.


According to Africa Celebrity News, authorities have asked Zari to stop, with immediate effect, organizing and hosting her extravagant All White Parties.

This comes at a time when the local national arts council (locally known as Baraza la Sanaa la Taifa), which is responsible for the revival, promotion and development of arts in the country, determined that her parties did not meet the required standards to take place in Tanzania.

According to a Dar-es-Salaam newspaper, Zari was told not to plan or hold another All White Party after the last party failed to meet the council’s minimum standards.

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Unconfirmed reports say, the authorities were never comfortable with the way and manner she organizes her party, but could not say a word due to the closeness of her baby’s father and the former President.


Before the election of Dr. John Pombe Magufuli, Zari and her Tanzanian singing boyfriend, Diamond Platnumz enjoyed a lot of benefits and immunity from the state as Platnumz was a personal friend of former President Kikwete.


Since the new government came into power, the President has decided to follow in the footstep of Nigeria by bringing ‘Change’ to all illegalities in the country which includes Zari’s all white parties.

Good luck to him!


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