Revealed! The women seeking desperately to marry Aliko Dangote

There is a scent about Aliko Dangote’s wealth; it has a sweet tang attached to it, like the lure pollen nectar presents to the summer fly.
Dangote is filthy rich and every woman wants a piece of his filthy lucre.

Every woman wishes to be Mrs. Dangote. Most women would love to answer as the bride of Aliko Dangote knowing it’s a sure way to bribe themselves through the inconveniences of life. The chairman of the Dangote Group lives a charmed life; besides his immense wealth and socioeconomic clout, urban legend has it that, living or working within his radar obliges anyone to indescribable perks hence it is understandable that the crème of Nigeria’s high society women would fall over themselves to get a piece of Dangote.
Although the billionaire business man has been married and divorced thrice; although he has beautiful daughters and has been romantically linked to several women including Miss Oluwatosin late Josephine (surname withheld) among others, the long list of women wanting to be linked with him romantically keeps increasing.
Months ago, it was rumoured that the multiple billionaire was romantically linked with a former beauty queen, Sylvia Nduka. It was further reported that they secretly got married in Dubai. Since her relationship with Aliko, Sylvia’s life has however changed drastically as she flies in and out of the country on her lover’s private jet, her mode of dressing has also changed as she started wearing hijab like a proper Muslim wife.

Sylvia was so excited that she took to her Instagram to add Dangote’s initials (A.D) to her name but was later removed.
Despite the rumour, Aliko denied any association with the young lady in a statement, claiming no such thing ever happened between them.
According to the statement, “Nothing like that exists. In fact, if at all it exists, it does in the imagination of whoever cooked up the story. We are still investigating the original source of the mischievous and misleading story and will definitely take it up with them once we are done with that. We shall also issue an official statement, rebutting the cock and bull story.”
It was gathered that since the release of the statement, Sylvia Nduka has returned to her normal lifestyle, despite the alleged huge investment the billionaire has made in her hair business empire.

While the dust settles on the Sylvia issue, information filtering in to TheCapital revealed that another beautiful Abuja-based big babe is working hard towards marrying Aliko Dangote.
Her name is Mariam Mohammad, the CEO of Maktoub Magazine. Mariam whose magazine celebrates the rich heritage of Nigeria and Arabian people . Mischief makers are spreading rumour again that she is planning her marriage with the billionaire businessman.
However one cannot help but ask if Aliko Dangote is in search for a new wife, irrespective of the fact that he has been single for a long time? Or is it just a publicity stunt to bring back their already deteriorating image in the social media? Time will tell.

Source: The Capital

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