Donald Trump Walks the Runway at Men’s Paris Fashion Week!!! Photos

The 2016 USA presidential election has influenced fashion overseas as even Paris has gotten in on the action.

Avov Paris fashion week 2016 trumo walkwayThe runway has always been home to controversy, and during Men’s Paris Fashion Week it came in the form of an appearance of presidential hopeful, Donald Trump. He didn’t appear in person, rather, latex masks of him and other politicians were worn by models during gender-neutral brand Avoc’s Fall 2016 show.

The label, founded in 2013 by designers Bastien Laurent and Laura Do, explained on Instagram that the theme for its first-ever show at Paris Fashion Week was “Natural Born Pirates.” Models also wore masks bearing faces of Hilary Clinton, George W. Bush, and President Barack Obama:

Hillary clinton presidential candidate Donald TrumpFrom:

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