The Oyo state Youth Ambassador Prince Adetona Adeyemi, popularly known as Tilla, has called for peaceful co-existence among musical artistes. He made this statement in an interview after the video unveiling party for label-mate Que Peller’s new video “Eleniyan”, at the prestigious Club Quilox.

According to Tilla the Mawobe crooner, musical artistes and other public figures are role models to the youth and therefore owe a responsibility to the society to set good examples by always being of good conduct.

Tilla (5)

“All our younger ones want to grow up to be like the people they see on TV.  Their role models are the Davidos, the Tiwa Savages, the Olamides, the Wizkids  and so on. Apart from this very important reason, our industry is about the fastest growing in the world as a result of the love and harmony laid down by our predecessors so  we must fight  hard to retain and sustain this legacy, so the younger generation can inherit something positive from us as well’’.

Furthermore on his view of the music industry and his new year resolution for the year 201, Tilla said, “I’m super-excited by the growth in our industry and it’s pretty obvious to everyone that the best is yet to come. This will only encourage us artistes to work harder and generally improve our content and craft.

“My new year resolution for the year 2016 is PEACE, LOVE and HARMONY on all fronts, because anywhere these three exists God sow good seeds there. I implore everyone to please embrace these so that we can make the best of what we’ve created with the Nigerian entertainment music industry’’, he concluded.

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