‘House of Cards’ Season 4 gets Premiere date

If you haven’t started watching House of Cards yet, shut yourself indoors and do some catch up because this political thriller is addictive and fun, and the season 4 teaser looks captivating as ever.

There has been all manner of speculation about if season 4 will conclude the series. Many have rumored about the death of Frank (Kevin Spacey) since season 2 of House of Cards, owing to the plot of the BBC original series the Netflix show is inspired from.

Following suit, even this year, rumors are swirling about season 4 being the end of the show with Frank’s death. But now we have a new Vine report suggesting the Claire (Robin Wright) might also have to see a fatal end with Frank. This would be a new sordid twist on the tale if it were to happen. The report rightly suggests that Claire has also bloodied her hands in the past and been almost as ruthless as Frank in helping achieve their collective ambition. Although she seems to have had enough of it in the last season, she is yet to pat her penance.

Other ideas have bounced around about the couple’s arc in the next season, considering the real plot is kept under tight lock and key; some imagine Frank and Claire keeping up the facade of marriage by adopting a child.
Season 4 will air on March 4 on Neftlix.

Watch a teaser:

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