Donald Trump’s Oscars Response Is So Predictable : “The Whites” Don’t Get BET Awards

While almost everyone else  is criticizing The Academy for its lack of diversity in this year’s nominations,  Donald Trump is raising concern over a completely irrelevant issue. The fact that white people don’t win BET Awards. 

“The whites don’t get any [BET] nominations,” Trump mused on Fox & Friends. “I never even thought of it from that standpoint.”

Dear Donald, you know who did think of it from that standpoint? All the other people out there who don’t understand that maybe (just maybe) the BET Awards are hugely important—especially considering that black actors have almost zero representation at the Oscars, an awards ceremony that claims to be intersectional and industry-defining.

“I saw someone on your show today saying, ‘Well, what do we do with BET, Black Entertainment?'” Trump said, referring to comments Stacey Dash made about ending the BET Awards. “I thought it was an amazing interview actually. I never even thought of it from that standpoint. It would certainly be nice if everybody could be represented properly. And hopefully that’s the case. But perhaps it’s not the case. It’s a—it’s a difficult situation.”



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