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Waist Trainer Advert Telling Women to Have ‘sexy tiny’ Waists Banned in UK

A Corset company ran an advert promising to give women a “sexy tiny” waist and cosequently the ad has been banned for being irresponsible.

A commercial for the Velform Miniwaist was promoted on the The Shop Channel UK and showed women using the “extreme compression” garment while a presenter asked: “Have you ever wondered how celebrities get those tiny little waists they flaunt on the red carpet?”

The advert then showed before-and-after shots of women wearing the corset, saying the Miniwaist “creates that fabulous, perfect and extreme hourglass figure that all women want”. It added that “women are supposed to look like this” before telling would-be customers waists will be “so small that you’ll be everyone’s envy”.

The advertisement watchdog said: “The ASA considered that a number of the statements made in the ad implied that a very small waist was desirable and should be aspired to, particularly the references to ‘that teeny tiny waist, like the girls, in the pictures and in the magazines’.”

It added: “We were concerned that in some shots the women were shown compressing their waists to appear extremely small and that, particularly in the context of the aforementioned claims, this added to the impression that women should aspire to very small waists. Overall, we concluded that the ad encouraged unhealthy body perceptions and was therefore irresponsible.”

The ASA said the ad breached the code relating to social responsibility and ordered Chromotion “not to imply that all women should aspire to a certain figure”.

See the ad here:

Source: International Business Times

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