North Korea Under Heavy Gunshot Attack From South Korea

NORTH Korea is under siege by its feuding neighbour after a mystery object was spotted flying close to the South’s borders – sparking calls for China to step in.

South Korea fired 20 rounds from a machine gun as a warning to North Korea’s drone – just a week after King Jong-un’s state tested a hydrogen bomb and he issued a chilling statement claiming “they were at the brink of war”.

The “unidentified flying object” returned to the northern side of the border following the warning shots.

It is the latest incident fuelling tensions stemming from Pyongyang’s fourth nuclear test last week.

Since Friday, South Korea has been blasting anti-Pyongyang propaganda and K-pop songs from huge speakers along the border.

president Park Geun-hye said South Korea will continue its loudspeaker campaign, calling it “the surest and most effective psychological warfare tool”.

The North, which calls the broadcasts an act of war meant to threaten its system of government, is using speakers of its own in an attempt to keep its soldiers from hearing the South Korean messages.

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