Ronaldo’s Statue In Hometown Vandalized With Messi’s Name On It [PHOTOS]

Cristaino Ronaldo was dealt another blow after disappointment at not winning his fourth Ballon Do’r losing it to archest rival Lionel Messi.

The Real Madrid’s stars, statue in Funchal, the capital of his home island of Madeira, has been vandalized and tagged with the name and no 10 of arch-rival Lionel Messi, local press reports.


The statue, which was unveiled in December 2 014, was vandalised with the graffiti overnight on Tuesday, just hours after Messi claimed the ultimate prize.

The name Messi and the number 10, both scrawled in red, have already been cleaned off the statue, which is famed for being generous to the former Manchester United star around the crotch, the Diario de Noticias da Madeira said.


Ronaldo’s sister Katia Aveiro took to Facebook call out the vandals in an extremely furious rant. “I find the act in itself a dishonour but what I find more shameful is the envy that surrounds him and the rage that some unloved and frustrated fatheads display in public in a disgraceful way which leaves me as a Portuguese person ashamed and sad.”


“Sadly my beautiful island is still inhabited by some frustrated savages who should live in Syria amidst people who don’t respect each other and who don’t know how to live together.”

Ronaldo unveiled the 3.40-metre-high bronze effigy of himself in December 2014 on the Funchal seafront, a few hundred metres from his own self-financed museum, and it immediately drew attention because it was so well endowed.


One Twitter user commented “Maybe it’s there for the ladies who can’t get the real thing – something to rub for good luck.”

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